By Andrea Avidad

Andrea Avidad is a media researcher and producer based in Brooklyn

Culture Strike: Art in Trump’s America

“Migration is beautiful.” These three words give dual meaning to Oakland artist Favianna Rodriguez’s daffodil-colored print of a stained-glass-esque butterfly, the wings of which are appropriately filled with human likenesses. The pro-migration butterfly is just one of the many distinctive images used throughout the artist’s transformational body of politically and socially entwined works.


New artistic collaboration reflects history of migration

Culture and community combined this past week for a unique artist-in-residence program that brought a renowned Mexican artist to downtown Phoenix.

Betsabeé Romero, a contemporary artist from Mexico City, collaborated with other artists from throughout the Valley during her stay in downtown Phoenix. Together, they used their cultural experiences as inspiration for a temporary public art installation at Growhouse at Second Street and Portland Avenue.


May 2017

   MAY 1 – MAY 7, 2017

Foreign Minister: EU must focus on Libya TIMES OF MALTA MAY 1
‘Root causes’ of migration must be fought, says AU AA MAY 2
Two-thirds of people don’t believe Theresa May will achieve tens of thousands immigration target THE INDEPENDENT MAY 2
Ensure migration of students in ‘reverse direction’: President hindustantimes MAY 2 
Migration of students should be in ‘reverse direction’ in India: President Pranab Mukherjee india today may 3
Stepping back from sensationalist stories on African migration open democracy may 4
Unauthorized Migration Is Worth Billions for LatAm Organized Crime insight crime MAY 4
Tory think tank rounds on May over pledge to cut net migration to below 100,000 THE INDEPENDENT MAY 4
German migration authorities probe 2000 asylum cases after high profile fraud DW MAY 5
Sudan, UN Migration Agency Renew Humanitarian Assistance Cooperation Agreement RELIEF WEB MAY 5
UN migration agency transports hundreds of South Sudanese refugees from border into Ethiopia UN NEWS CENTRE MAY 5
Ukip will promise ‘one in one out’ migration policy to cut immigration from 600,000 to 300,000 a year THE TELEGRAPH MAY 6
U.K. Businesses Must Hire More British Workers, May’s Tories Say BLOOMBERG MAY 7
International students decry 457 visa changes FINDER AU MAY 7

   MAY 8 – MAY 14, 2017

May could meet net migration target – by crashing the economy THE GUARDIAN MAY8
Theresa May vows to cut migration figures to tens of thousands ECONOMIC TIMES MAY 8
Chinese Youth Face Migration Dilemma: Cities or Villages? women of china MAY 9
Amid spreading cholera outbreak, UN migration agency aids South Sudanese UN NEWS CENTRE MAY 10
Migrants are paying the price of the border crackdown — in blood i politics MAY 10
Forced to Flee Central America’s Northern Triangle: A Neglected Humanitarian Crisis RELIEF WEB MAY 11
Attack on Yemeni city could overwhelm humanitarian capacity, warns UN migration agency UN NEWS CENTRE MAY 12
Africa’s new slave trade: how migrants flee poverty to get sucked into a world of violent crime THE GUARDIAN MAY 13
Migration and Capitalism, in the Age of Trump: Toward the Freedom of Movement for People, Not Capital THE BULLET MAY 14

   MAY 15 – MAY 23, 2017

Dutch four-way coalition talks collapse over migration BBC NEWS MAY 15
Germany and Italy want EU to halt migrants in Libya EU OBSERVER MAY 15
EU executive to decide on migration penalties in June REUTERS MAY 16
EU told to tackle causes, not consequences, of migration: African Union’s president NEW EUROPE MAY 16
Poland Says Taking Migrants ‘Much Worse’ Than EU Sanctions BREITBART MAY 17
George Osborne’s ATTACK on May: Senior cabinet does NOT back 10,000s migration target EXPRESS UK MAY 17
Theresa May repeats promise to cut net migration target to 100,000 a year THE SUN MAY 18
Pay double to employ immigrants THE CONSTRUCTION INDEX MAY 18
Conservative manifesto: No timetable for migration pledge BBC NEWS MAY 19
Net Migration Must Be ‘Double Tory Target’ To Prevent Economic Crisis, Think Tank Says HUFFPOST MAY 19
Where are Europe’s illegal migrants coming from? Surprise: It’s Bangladesh. THE WASHINGTON POST MAY 19
Why migration from Africa this century will make the refugee crisis look like a dress rehearsal THE TELEGRAPH MAY 20
Italy and France call for more integrated EU action on migrants REUTERS MAY 21
UK economy ‘needs 200,000 migrants a year’ FRESH PRODUCE JOURNAL MAY 22
Ghana needs measures to stop illegal migration my joy online may 23
Social work in Europe adapts to challenges of migration and exclusion the guardian may 23

   MAY 24 – MAY 31, 2017

Security concerns may drive more Filipinos to migrate abs cbn may 24
A big drop in migration to the UK shows Brexit is working—at least for the anti-immigration right QUARTZ MAY 25
Divisions between Trump and G7 killing hopes for migration crisis plan the globe and mail may 26
Italy Still Isolated in Shouldering Migration Crisis After G7 USA NEWS MAY 27
54 dead, some 10,000 migrants rescued between Libya and Italy in 4 days THE LOCAL ITALY MAY 27
The Criminalization of Migration in Europe: The Way Ahead MODERN DIPLOMACY MAY 27
Drought-led migration is making girls prey to trafficking in Andhra Pradesh’s Kadiri, pushing town towards HIV/AIDS FIRST POST MAY 28
Migration to Penang, Selangor shows Malaysians ‘voting with their feet’ MALAYMAIL MAY 29
Cuba, Canada to hold second round of talks on migration news xinhuanet MAY 29
Debunking myths about why people migrate across the Mediterranean THE CONVERSATION MAY 30
“I never thought to come in Europe”: unpacking the myths of Europe’s ‘migration crisis’ OPEN DEMOCRACY MAY 31

April 2017

   APRIL 1 – APRIL 7, 2017

IOM aims to fly 10.000 migrants from Libya to their countries in 2017 LYBIAN EXPRESS APRIL 1
Attacks on refugee homes double in Austria as accommodation firebombed and sprayed with Nazi graffiti THE INDEPENDENT APRIL 1
1m African migrants may be en route to Europe, says former UK envoy THE GUARDIAN APRIL 2
We want to ‘regain control of migration’ says Michael Fallon DAILY MAIL APRIL 2
Hamon Believes France Has No Problems With Migration SPUTNIK APRIL 2
Our future in France, Germany – Nigerian couple saved at sea with baby DAILY POST APRIL 3
Most Libya migrants not headed to EU, aid group says EU OBSERVER APRIL 3
EU seeks to fix mixed migration challenges in Somalia XINHUANET APRIL 4
European Union Tells Hungary and Poland To Accept Mass Migration Or Leave BREITBART APRIL 4
The face of Latin American migration is rapidly changing. US policy isn’t keeping up THE CONVERSATION APRIL 5
Migration From Illinois To Indiana Likely To Grow WFYI APRIL 5
Polish PM wants ‘sensible’ migration policy NEW EUROPE APRIL 6
Uzbekistan Reaches Deal With Russia on Labor Migration EURASIA NET APRIL 7

   APRIL 8 – APRIL 14, 2017

The UK and EU: Divorce by letters ARABNEWS APRIL 8
Azerbaijan suspends issuing migration cards to foreigners AZERNEWS APRIL 8
Pro-Brexit group unveils plan to cut net migration to 50,000 a year THE GUARDIAN APRIL 9
Call to ban unskilled migrants for five years after Brexit BBC NEWS APRIL 9
UK To Ban Unskilled Migrants For Five Years After Brexit: Leave Means Leave POLITICAL LORE APRIL 9
TIME TO GET TOUGH Senior Tories demand Theresa May slash net migration to 50,000 in first revolt over PM’s Brexit strategy THE SUN APRIL 10
Migrants Being Sold Openly into Slavery in Libya: UN TELESUR APRIL 10
African migrants reportedly being sold in ‘slave markets’ in Libya, UN agency warns UN CENTRE APRIL 11
Libya: African refugees being sold at ‘regular public slave auctions’ INDEPENDENT APRIL 11
African migrants sold in Libya ‘slave markets’, IOM says BBC NEWS APRIL 11
EU Trust Fund for Africa adopts €90 million programme on protection of migrants and improved migration management in Libya EUROPEAN COMMISSION APRIL 12
Libyans, aided by Nigerians, others sell migrants as slaves THE EAGLE ONLINE APRIL 13
Slave markets flourishing in Libya: UN Migration Agency Report MENAFM.COM APRIL 13
Migration and Migrant Children to Boost Sweden Population to 11 Million by 2026 BREITBART APRIL 14

   APRIL 15 – APRIL 23, 2017

Theresa May Facing Tory Revolt Over Including Students In Migration Figures HUFFPOST APRIL 15
University protests ‘secondary’ to migration: Hungary PM AFP NEWS APRIL 15
Orban Easter Speech: ‘Battlefield Europe… Stop Mass Migration. The Future of Europe Is at Stake’ BREITBART APRIL 16
University protests ‘secondary’ to migration: Hungary PM WORLD BULLETIN APRIL 16
Bypoll victory likely to halt migration of Congress leaders THE HINDU APRIL 16
African Group Tries to Deter Illegal Immigration VOA NEWS APRIL 17
Europe Fears Turkey’s Erdogan Will Tear Up Migration Deal VOA NEWS APRIL 18
Turnbull Tightens Australian Citizenship Test in Migration Crackdown BLOOMBERG NEWS APRIL 19 
Theresa May commits Tories to cutting net migration to the UK to the tens of thousands THE TELEGRAPH APRIL 20
General Election 2017: May sticks with net migration pledge BBC NEWS APRIL 20
Italy is key US partner in Mediterranean, Trump tells Gentiloni ITALY 24 APRIL 21
EU-UK Migration: Home Away From Home No More? THE GLOBALIST APRIL 22
Citizenship changes make a new enemy of the migrant EUREKA STREET APRIL 23
Peak body warns PM over visa changes THE WEST AUSTRALIAN APRIL 23

   APRIL 24 – APRIL 30, 2017

Malta suggests cash solution to end EU migration row REUTERS APRIL 24
Migrant arrivals at new record of 129,500 a year SCOOP APRIL 25
New Zealand likely to see decent migrant arrivals figures in coming months, says ANZ ECONOTIMES APRIL 26
Migration sees Scotland’s population reach record high THE SCOTSMAN APRIL 27

EU announces 59M euro Trust Fund for Africa package DEVEX APRIL 29

Germany orders probe after right-wing soldier infiltrates refugee home DAILY SABAH APRIL 29
Why global migration is the need of the hour THE EXPRESS TRIBUNE APRIL 30

March 2017

   MARCH 1 – MARCH 7, 2017

Merkel visits Egypt, Tunisia to talk about migration the seattle times march 1
Hungary: Left Wing EU Soros Puppets Are Attacking Us for Opposing Mass Immigration breitbart march 1
Merkel heads to Africa in efforts to tackle illegal migration AL ARABIYA ENGLISH MARCH 2
Hungary extends anti-migration state of emergency as border fence produces ‘spectacular’ results BREAKING NEWS IE MARCH 2
UK population to pass 70,000,000 as a result of migration and ageing METRO MARCH 3
Yemen: UN migration agency reports displacement spike in Taiz Governorate UN NEWS CENTRE MARCH 3
Uncovering the hidden history of Latinos in Iowa THE GAZETTE MARCH 4
Australian border control explained: How the UK should manage immigration post-Brexit EXPRESS MARCH 5
May Warned of ‘Worst of All Worlds’ in U.K. Migration Crackdown BLOOMBERG MARCH 5
Responding to Brexit: returning to a social market model on migration open democracy march 6
Strong EU needed to tackle migration, Albanian minister ansa march 6
Will Europe Follow Trump on Migration? carnegie europe march 7
EU border management agency to set up African base in Niger to tackle migration crisis the africa report march 7

   MARCH 8 – MARCH 16, 2017

 Austria urges EU funding cuts for countries that refuse refugees politico march 8
Italy looks to Niger for deal on Libya migration LYBIA HERALD MARCH 8
EU leaders discuss Libya migrant plans euobserver march 9
Aid to deter irregular migration ‘some way’ from making an impact public finance international march 10
Stranded Nigerian and Gambian Migrants Return Home from Libya reliefweb march 10
First Ottawa visit by Trump cabinet member focuses on security, border cbcradio march 11
Report: Merkel Invited Refugees Because Border Clashes Would Look Bad On TV the daily caller march 12
Nearly 100,000 displaced since start of western Mosul assault wtkr march 13
A Threat on Migration That May Prove to Be Empty the new york times march 14
EU-Turkey Migration Deal Failed Model for Further Agreements sputnik international march 14
Fox attacks inclusion of students in UK immigration statistics financial times march 15
Fiction about migration the economist march 16
A year on from a deal with Turkey, Europe still struggles with migration the economist march 16

   MARCH 17 – MARCH 24, 2017

Germany to use automated speech analysis for migration applicants africa times march 17
Germany to Use Dialect Recognition Software to Verify Origins of Refugees sputnik international march 17
Turkey’s President threatens to end EU migration agreement vatican radio march 17
Fear stalks migrants huddled along Hungary’s border the guardian march 18
Focus to reducing migration from Libya could ‘destabilise country’ times of malta march 18
Refugees to face deeper uncertainty after Ankara’s pledge to scrap migration deal with EU rudaw march 19
Italy, northern neighbors work with Libya on migration fox news march 20
Czechs See Migration and Terrorism As EU’s Main Problems: Poll prague morning march 20
More than 6,000 migrants rescued in Mediterranean amid surge on dangerous sea route the washington post MARCH 21
Boat Migrants Landing in Italy ‘at a Pace Exceeding Anything We’ve Seen Before’ breitbart march 22
‘We can no longer turn our backs’ on communities affected by migration crisis in Libya – UN agency chiefun news centre march 23
Libya court suspends Italy deal on tackling migration  news 24 march 24

   MARCH 25 – MARCH 31, 2017

Over 200 Ghanaians transiting from Cuba to USA stranded pulse march 25
Three million new migrants may come to Turkey from Iran: Deputy PM hurriyetdailynews march 26 
‘We reached our limits’: Greece to stop taking back refugees – migration minister rt march 26
Malta ‘spearheading EU efforts to tackle migration on Mediterranean route’malta independent march 27
Central European leaders vow not to be blackmailed by EU on migration REUTERS MARCH 28
MEPs to veto Brexit deal with early migration cut-off date POLITICO MARCH 28
EU migrants ‘can keep moving to Britain right up until Brexit in 2019’ MIRROR MARCH 29
Africa: Infrastructure-As-a-Service – European Data Centres’ Migration to the Cloud Fuels New Investments ALL AFRICA MARCH 29
EU bigwigs in Malta, migration and Brexit dominate FAMAGUSTA GAZETTE MARCH 30
IOM expects to fly up to 10,000 migrants out of Libya in 2017 REUTERS MARCH 31
Mediterranean Migrant Arrivals Reach 27,850, Deaths: 655 RELIEFWEB MARCH 31
Migrant Deaths in Mediterranean Sea Spike by 42 Per Cent in 2017 BREITBART MARCH 31
Rare happy ending in Mediterranean migrant drama THE LOCAL MARCH 31

News: February 2017

   FEBRUARY 1 – FEBRUARY 7, 2017

 Libya may allow EU ships to pursue people-smugglers in its waters THE GUARDIAN FEBRUARY 1
Opening – debates added on US travel restrictions, migration and Romania EUROPARL FEBRUARY 1
UAE say Donald Trump’s migration ban is NOT anti-Islamic and point out that the majority of Muslims are still free to travel to the US DAILY MAIL UK FEBRUARY 1
EU leaders to discuss migration, in Trump’s shadow EU OBSERVER FEBRUARY 2
Migration in the central Mediterranean debated with Ms Mogherini EUROPARL FEBRUARY 2
Polls Show Americans Support Trump Migration Actions LIFEZETTE FEBRUARY 2
E.U. Vows to Slow Migration on Sea Route That Claimed Thousands of Lives THE NEW YORK TIMES FEBRUARY 3
Italy-Libya Deal on Migration Lays Groundwork for EU Summit WPR FEBRUARY 3
The Latest: Poland refuses to take in 10 orphans from Aleppo DAILY MAIL UK FEBRUARY 3
The European Union tries to prevent a wave of migrants from Libya THE ECONOMIST FEBRUARY 4
Impatient EU looks for deal to ‘significantly reduce’ Libya migration ME FEBRUARY 4
EU migration plan will provide no quick-fix solution – PN TIMES OF MALTA FEBRUARY 4
Economics 101: there is a better way of handling illegal migration than a wall THE NATIONAL FEBRUARY 4
Muscat: Libya deal addresses people’s migration concerns MALTA TODAY FEBRUARY 5
Coastguard Intercepts 120 Europe-Bound Migrants off Tripoli Coast BREITBART FEBRUARY 5
Britain’s Labor Gaps Set to Worsen as Brexit Reduces Migration BLOOMBERG FEBRUARY 5
Translation – and migration – is the lifeblood of culture THE GUARDIAN FEBRUARY 6
UK Housing Crisis: Half of All New Homes Will Go to Migrants BREITBART FEBRUARY 6
Refugees Block Migration Min Mouzalas From Entering Elliniko Hotspot GREEK REPORTER FEBRUARY 6
Most Europeans want to STOP migration from Muslim countries, study finds, as controversy rages over Donald Trump’s US travel ban DAILY MAIL UK FEBRUARY 7

Greece seriously lagging in migration target fulfilment
EU migration chief to tell US it must keep taking in refugees EURACTIV FEBRUARY 7
Trump, Security, Refugees: Q&A With Migration Commissioner Avramopoulos THE WALL STREET JOURNAL FEBRUARY 7

   FEBRUARY 8 – FEBRUARY 15, 2017

German migration agency vows to fingerprint all refugees to combat ‘benefit fraud’ RT FEBRUARY 8
Survey: Majority of Europeans In 10 Countries Want Halt to Muslim Migration BREITBART FEBRUARY 8
Libyan authorities oppose EU migrant plans EUOBSERVER FEBRUARY 8
Ambassador: Mexico, Central America to Discuss Migration Under Trump VOA FEBRUARY 8
Brexit will cause ‘vanishingly small’ fall in net migration – report THE GUARDIAN FEBRUARY 9
Reduction in migration after Brexit to be ‘vanishingly thin’, claims think tank BELFAST TELEGRAPH FEBRUARY 9
Trump’s views on Muslim migration ‘mirrored’ across Europe THE TIMES UK FEBRUARY 9
Tunisia and Italy sign deal on illegal migration, agree to support Libya LYBIA HERALD FEBRUARY 9
Majorities In These 8 European Countries Would Back A Muslim Ban Like Trump’s THE HUFFINGTON POST FEBRUARY 10
Strict Common EU Migration Policy Only Solution for Refugee Crisis – Ambassador SPUTNIK FEBRUARY 10
Reduction In Migration After Brexit To Be ‘Vanishingly Thin’, Claims Think Tank THE HUFFINGTON POST FEBRUARY 10
Losing Hope in U.S., Migrants Make Icy Crossing to Canada THE NEW YORK TIMES FEBRUARY 11
Italy sets up fast-track asylum courts for migrants THE LOCAL IT FEBRUARY 11
Libya mayors say Europe’s migration crisis should not be dumped on them AFRICA TVNEWS FEBRUARY 11
‘Big, beautiful’ walls don’t stop migrants in the US or Europe THE CONVERSATION FEBRUARY 12
Migrating North, but to Mexico, Not the U.S. THE NEW YORK TIMES FEBRUARY 12
Migration Expert: More Than 50 Million Muslims Would Support Terrorists THE DAILY CALLER FEBRUARY 13
Immigration cuts after Brexit ‘could force Brits to retire up to 18 months later’ MIRROR FEBRUARY 13
There will be little need for more eastern European immigration post-Brexit as report says firms won’t face labour shortage THE SUN FEBRUARY 14
The EU deal with Libya on migration: a question of fairness and effectiveness ECFR EU FEBRUARY 14
UN Agriculture Official Links Aid to Farmers, Drop in Poverty, Migration VOA FEBRUARY 15
Watch: Farage Slams EuroParl for Ignoring the People on Migration – ‘They Want Tougher Rules Than I do!’ BREITBART FEBRUARY 15

   FEBRUARY 16 – FEBRUARY 28, 2017

Libya: 170 Senegalese migrants repatriated AFRICA NEWS FEBRUARY 16
Migrants head to Switzerland amid Austria border crackdown EU OBSERVER FEBRUARY 16
The numbers show EU workers are deserting us already – after Brexit, we’ll be in deep trouble THE INDEPENDENT FEBRUARY 16
Tripoli Sends 170 Senegalese Migrants Back Home THE NORTH AFRICA POST FEBRUARY 17
Russians Are Turning on Donald Trump FOREIGN POLICY FEBRUARY 17
White House Denies Report That National Guard Would Be Used for Immigration Round Ups NBC NEWS FEBRUARY 17
Top orchestra quits Britain over Brexit migration clampdown the guardian february 18
California Dream Died by Exporting Middle Class BREITBART FEBRUARY 18
Mexico warns U.S. trade war could be a threat to security co-operation THE GLOBE AND MAIL FEBRUARY 18
Donald Trump’s Comprehensive Border Reforms Kill Obama’s Pro-Migration Policies BREITBART FEBRUARY 19
Brexit pointless as it ‘WON’T reduce immigration’ as 650,000 migrants ‘set to head for UK’ DAILY STAR UK FEBRUARY 19
North Africa: A Migration Problem for EU NEW DELHI TIMES FEBRUARY 20
Where millionaires are moving: Australia tops the list cnn february 21
UK risks legitimising Sudan’s rights abuses with migration talks, MPs warn THE GUARDIAN FEBRUARY 21
More reception centres close as migration to Finland dwindles UUTISET FEBRUARY 22
Interview: is rights-based ‘good migration governance’ possible? OPEN DEMOCRACY FEBRUARY 22
Net migration to UK falls sharply after Brexit vote THE GUARDIAN FEBRUARY 23
Trump laments Germany, irregular migration and media at CPAC dw february 24
Realities of migration since the presidential election NIU TODay february 24
What Is the Truth about Crime and Immigration in Sweden? national review february 25
For Millionaire Immigrants, a Global Welcome Mat THE NEW YORK TIMES FEBRUARY 25
Theresa May poised to announce end of free movement for new EU migrants next month THE TELEGRAPH FEBRUARY 26
British children sent overseas in migration programme faced ‘unacceptable depravity’, inquiry told INDEPENDENT FEBRUARY 27
A deadly journey for children: The migration route from North Africa to Europe RELIEFWEB FEBRUARY 28

News: January 2017

   JANUARY 1 – JANUARY 7, 2017

 Hungry Venezuelans flood Brazilian towns, as threat of mass migration looms THE WASHINGTON POST JANUARY 1
The Islamization of Germany in 2016 GATESTONE JANUARY 2
Over 8,000 migrants ‘disappeared’ off Swiss radar in 2016 RT JANUARY 3
Curbs on non-EU migration have ‘no impact’ claims campaign group Migration Watch UK THE SUN JANUARY 4
In 2017 the other EU states will take back control of Brexit NEW STATESMAN JANUARY 4
Brexit will reduce net migration to zero due to immigration controls on EU nationals, says report THE INDEPENDENT JANUARY 5
 UK Treasury Accused of ‘Flawed’ Project Fear Brexit Predictions SPUTNIK NEWS JANUARY 5
Brexit will let Britain halve net migration: Major report delivers devastating verdict on post-referendum scaremongering DAILY MAIL JANUARY 5
Project Fear Brexit predictions were ‘flawed and partisan’, new study says THE TELEGRAPH JANUARY 5
Austria eyes plan to call for EU migration ceiling THE JAPAN NEWS JANUARY 6
2016 deadliest year ever for migrants crossing Mediterranean – UN agency UN NEWS CENTER JANUARY 6
Migration row heightens over Austria’s policy to ‘dump refugees’ outside of EU international business times january 7

   JANUARY 8 – JANUARY 15, 2017

Migrants are filmed suffering in sub-zero snow-covered tents on the Greek island of Lesbos just days after politicians claimed they didn’t exist Daily mail january 8
EU Migration in Numbers: 2016 Deadliest Year So Far EU BULLETIN JANUARY 9
2016 killer year for migrants DAILYTIMES JANUARY 9
National Migration Week seeks to put faces on immigration debate CRUX JANUARY 9
2016 deadliest year yet for migrants crossing the Mediterranean DEFENSE WEB JANUARY 9
Immigration boosts wealth, does not increase inequality: IMF REUTERS JANUARY 9
Italy opens Libya embassy to stop migrants EU OBSERVER JANUARY 10
Bishops mention immigration policy, heritage in National Migration Week statement THE CATHOLIC SUN january 10
Migrants battling exposure as freezing temperatures grip Europe, warns UN agency UN NEWS CENTER JANUARY 11
Germany: 280,000 new migrants last year, far lower than 2015 KRMG JANUARY 11
The EU invests in migration control AFRICAN BUSINESS JANUARY 12
Migration from state top issue for youth voters THE TIMES OF INDIA JANUARY 13
Somali town bans expensive weddings in bid to reduce migration THE INDEPENDENT JANUARY 13
 The world needs a new strategy to tackle the migration crisis THE GUARDIAN JANUARY 14
William Hague proposes ‘simple’ EU work permit system to prevent ‘complex’ Brexit deal EXPRESS UK JANUARY 14
Migrant crisis: About 100 feared drowned after boat sinks off Libya BBC JANUARY 15
Scores missing in migrant crossing in Mediterranean: Italy PULSE JANUARY 15

   JANUARY 16 – JANUARY 23, 2017

Europe Gears Up for ‘Record Levels’ of New Migrants in 2017 BREIRBART JANUARY 16
Europe braced for TENS OF THOUSANDS of migrants to arrive in ‘record levels’ this year EXPRESS UK JANUARY 16
Scores of migrants feared dead, 13 bodies found in Mediterranean DEFENCE WEB JANUARY 16
African Migrants Surge to U.S. Via Mexico Ahead of Trump BREITBART JANUARY 16
Migration chief calls for world to recognize Turkey AA JANUARY 16
Merkel tells Donald Trump Europe’s fate ‘lies in its own hands’ IBI TIMES JANUARY 16
Refugee crisis: More than 200 migrants drown and freeze to death as first fortnight of 2017 sets new record THE INDEPENDENT JANUARY 17
Just more than two weeks into 2017, already more than 200 migrants and refugees dead in the Med THE SOFIA GLOBE JANUARY 17
The cost of post-Brexit migration control CIPD JANUARY 17
French Fraternity and Migrants THE NEW YORK TIMES JANUARY 17
Some unskilled migration to UK likely to continue after Brexit – minister REUTERS JANUARY 17
Number of Suspected Dead Climbs from Shipwreck off Libya NEWSMAX JANUARY 17
EU migration chief deplores conditions in Greek island camps THE SEATTLE TIMES JANUARY 18
EU needs Turkish-style migration deal on Libya: Maltese PM REUTERS JANUARY 18
The world needs a new strategy to tackle the migration crisis TEHRAN TIMES JANUARY 18
UK will pay huge price for prioritising migration curbs, says Dutch PM THE GUARDIAN JANUARY 19
Germany details its ‘Marshall Plan’ for Africa EU OBSERVER JANUARY 19
UN Launches New Plan to Ease Plight of Refugees, Migrants in Europe VOA NEWS JANUARY 19
Living in limbo: documenting life as a migrant in Libya THE INDEPENDENT JANUARY 19
Donald Trump Isn’t Stopping This Pakistani Muslim Immigrant From Having Hope HUFFINGTON POST JANUARY 19
Migration crisis, a human crisis after all THE EUROPEAN STING JANUARY 20
EU migration chief in Greece over islands’ refugee ‘burden’ WOLRD BULLETIN JANUARY 20
Awash in Migrants, Italy Steps Up Deportations for Relief THE WALL STREET JOURNAL JANUARY 20
A Note About Migration From Venezuela in the Chavista Era VENEZUELAN ANALYSIS JANUARY 20
Australia to seek UK migration deal in Brexit trade talks THE GUARDIAN JANUARY 20
Trump’s Mexico bashing may backfire if peso plunge forces poor migrants north THE GUARDIAN JANUARY 20
Mexican top officials will meet Trump administration to discuss bilateral relations next week MERCOPRESS JANUARY 20
Mexico president talks with Trump as faces populist pressure at home INVESTING JANUARY 20
America first, immigrants second VICE NEWS JANUARY 20
Awash in migrants, Italy steps up deportations for relief FOX NEWS JANUARY 21
UK immigration limit ‘could seriously harm Scotland’ BBC NEWS JANUARY 21
Urgent common solutions needed about the current migration crisis – Minister Abela MALTA INDEPENDENT JANUARY 22
Rights group calls for protection of migrants in US CI NEWS JANUARY 22
Welsh Brexit plan: Call for migration to be linked to work BBC NEWS JANUARY 23
‘Every country has THE RIGHT to control its borders’ – Pope on migration crisis EXPRESS UK JANUARY 23
May to discuss how to boost US-UK migration with Trump, say sources THE GUARDIAN JANUARY 23

   JANUARY 24 – JANUARY 31, 2017

Donald Trump expected to order Mexican border wall and temporarily ban refugees THE INDEPENDENT JANUARY 24
Donald Trump Moving Forward With Muslim Ban In New Executive Order POLITICUS USA JANUARY 24
Trump to Sign Temporary Immigration Ban Targeting Muslims and Blocking Most Refugees THE SLATEST JANUARY 24
Trump Signs Executive Orders On Border Wall, Immigrant Crackdown rferl JANUARY 25
Trump says immigration block ‘not the Muslim ban’ POLITICO JANUARY 25
Trump to ban arrivals from 7 Muslim countries THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH JANUARY 25
Trump’s hypocritical immigration ban punishes Muslims from countries America has destroyed QUARTZ JANUARY 26
Will Donald Trump ban Pakistani, Afghan immigrants from entering America? FINANCIAL EXPRESS JANUARY 26
NYC: Thousands Protest Trump Plan to Impose Ban on Refugees, Block Visas from 7 Muslim Nations DEMOCRACY NOW! JANUARY 26
EU interior ministers at loggerheads over distribution of migrants DW JANUARY 27
Funds allocated to protect child migrants ‘lost in red tape’ MALTA TODAY JANUARY 27
United Nations urges Trump to keep door open for refugees DW JANUARY 28
Amid Yemen’s chaos, migrants stream in only to face torment FOX NEWS JANUARY 28
German Foreign Min cites torture, executions in Libyan migrant camps: report METRO JANUARY 28
Schäuble says German migration policy was a mistake POLITICO JANUARY 29

Turkey threatens to scrap Greece migration deal


People on the move: Beauty and Struggle in Jacob Lawrence’s Migration Series

More than 75 years ago, a young artist named Jacob Lawrence (1917–2000) set to work on an ambitious 60-panel series portraying the Great Migration, the movement between the World Wars of over a million African Americans from the rural South to the industrial North in search of a better life. Today, the exhibition organized by The Phillips Collection, Washington, DC, and The Museum of Modern Art, New York, in collaboration with the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture displays 60 panels by the artist.
Running from October 8, 2016January 8, 2017

Migration Series    Migration Series the-migration-series-panel-31

Find more: