By Athira Murali

Ghosts, ruins and forced migration: the 2017 Australian Venice Biennale exhibition opens

An exhibition of work by artist Tracey Moffatt has opened at the permanent Australian pavilion in Venice as part of the 2017 International Art Exhibition, or Art Biennale. Moffatt is the first Indigenous artist to represent Australia in Venice since 1997.

Housed in the permanent Australian pavilion designed by Denton Corker Marshall that opened in 2015, My Horizon comprises two photographic series titled Body Remembers and Passage and two video works titled Vigil and The White Ghosts. 

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Art in the UAE: the exhibitions and installations to look out for in 2018

This solo show by Venezuelan artist Alessandro Balteo-Yazbeck takes up the question of refugees, arguing that human rights NGOs and charities have developed into a full-blown industry, with their own marketing and propaganda techniques. Working as an artist and a researcher, Balteo-

Yazbeck proposes that governments and NGOs use human tragedies, such as the migration crisis, to advance political and ideological agendas.

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How Architects Can Design ‘Coherent and Peaceful Cities’

Diébédo Francis Kéré designed the next National Assembly building to reflect the reality of life in Ouagadougou. The design by the Berlin-based architect (and Burkina Faso native) is open and transparent, a pyramid whose façade doubles as a public space. The plans include terraces that celebrate (and demonstrate) the country’s agricultural achievements. Low-slung and marked by permeable walls and green event spaces, the National Assembly appears to rise up from the ground. Kéré’s design is grassroots architecture.

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Insecurities: Tracing Displacement and Shelter

Bringing together projects by architects, designers, and artists, working in a range of mediums and scales, that respond to the complex circumstances brought about by forced displacement, the exhibition focuses on conditions that disrupt conventional images of the built environment.

This exhibition is part of Citizens and Borders, a series of discrete projects at MoMA related to works in the collection that offer a critical perspective on histories of migration, territory, and displacement.

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Ankledeep by Lubaina Himid

Ankledeep was completed in 1991 in Preston, where Himid lives and works. It is part of a series entitled Revenge: A Masque in Five Tableaux that the artist finished in 1992 and first exhibited that same year at Rochdale Art Gallery. The series comprises twelve works (ten paintings, an installation and a drawing on paper) that include figurative pieces presenting pairs of black women in a range of scenarios, as is seen in Ankledeep and Between the Two My Heart is Balanced 1991 (Tate T06947), as well as more abstract works suggestive of modernist abstraction and African fabric and textiles, such as Carpet 1992 (Tate T12886).

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January 2018

 JANUARY 1 – 7

Migrant slavery in Libya: Nigerians tell of being used as slaves BBC NEWS JANUARY 2
Returning Migrants Start Over in Sierra Leone NEWS DELHI TIMES JANUARY 2
Libya sends migrants home to Gambia EURONEWS JANUARY 2
Orban warns EU: ‘Accept will of people or LEAVE’ as migration row escalates EXPRESS UK JANUARY 3
N.C. remains top 10 for people relocating within the United States, led by work moves JOURNAL NOW JANUARY 3
Over half of displaced Iraqis have returned home, UN migration agency says DAILYSABAH JANUARY 4
One Day Without Us: Let’s Have A Different Conversation About Migration HUFFINGTON POST JANUARY 4
WATCH: Trump says so-called ‘chain migration’ provides ‘gateway for terrorism’ PBS JANUARY 4
Migrant arrivals into Europe by sea halved in 2017 to reach 171,635: IOM XINHUANET JANUARY 6
National Migration Week spotlights journey of immigrants CRUX NOW JANUARY 7

 JANUARY 8 – 14

Understanding the Global Refugee Crisis: A Tale of 3 Myths NATIONAL INTEREST JANUARY 9
UN refugee agency urges Israel to halt forced relocation of African asylum seekers UN JANUARY 9
At a Public School in Denver, Refugee Children Find Hope and Frustration NY TIMES JANUARY 9
Libya Rescues 279 Migrants at Sea, but 100 More Are Feared Dead NY TIMES JANUARY 10
Gym gives Syrian child refugee free lifetime membership after photo shows him staring longingly through window INDEPENDENT JANUARY 10
UN chief urges world leaders to celebrate migration as a positive THE GUARDIAN JANUARY 11
Migration should be act of hope, not despair; UN chief proposes ways to maximize migrants’ contributions UN JANUARY 11
Diphtheria rages through Rohingya refugee camp STRAITSTIMES JANUARY 13
Hungary retrial highlights ‘vilification of refugees’ ALJAZEERA JANUARY 13
Syrian refugee who arrived in Britain on a frozen chip lorry wins place at Oxford to study maths DAILYMAIL  JANUARY 14

 JANUARY 15 – 23

‘England seemed so close’: refugee, 15, crushed to death by Calais lorry THE GUARDIAN JANUARY 16
The U.S. Has Cut Half of Its Aid to Palestinian Refugees Pending U.N. Reform TIME JANUARY 17
Stanford scholars develop new algorithm to help resettle refugees and improve their integration STANFORD NEWS JANUARY 18
German city bans new refugees as anti-migrant mood increases THE TELEGRAPH JANUARY 20
The Refugees Who Don’t Want To Go Home … Yet NPR JANUARY 21
Merkel’s Got Some Explaining To Do SPIEGEL JANUARY 22
Muslim Refugees Team Up With Anarchists in an Effort To Shame Greece THE ATLANTIC JANUARY 22
Second group of Manus Island refugees depart for US under resettlement deal THE GUARDIAN JANUARY 22
“We Are Humans, Just Like Them”: A Refugee Reacts to Anti-Refugee Protesters PBS JANUARY 22
The “Human Cost” of The EU’s Response to the Refugee Crisis PBS JANUARY 23
Cate Blanchett urges Davos to give refugees more compassion THE GUARDIAN JANUARY 23

 JANUARY 24 – 31

US Rejects Claim Drone Hit Refugee Camp in Pakistan VOANEWS JANUARY 25
Here’s the problem with chain migration | Lou Barletta PENNLIVE JANUARY 25
Deal with France ‘could bring hundreds more child refugees to UK’ THE GUARDIAN JANUARY 26
‘He was just a kid’: the boy who became a symbol of Spain’s migration crisis THE GUARDIAN JANUARY 26
Hunger striking Manus refugee force fed RDZ JANUARY 26
At Least 30 Somalis, Ethiopians Drown Off Yemen Coast VOANEWS JANUARY 26
One Year Since Trump’s First Travel Ban, Many Refugees Left With Only Hellish Options HUFFINGTON POST JANUARY 27
Rare Disease Finds Fertile Ground In Rohingya Refugee Camps NPR JANUARY 27
Home to 14 refugees, a Vermont city still grapples with the resettlement debate WASHINGTON POST JANUARY 27
Hollywood star Yeoh calls Rohingya condition ‘despicable’ TIMES UNION JANUARY 28

December 2017

 DECEMBER 1 – 7

Migration compact must balance regional, global realities, says UN envoy UN DECEMBER 1
The Guardian view on refugees and migrants: solidarity, not fear THE GUARDIAN DECEMBER 1
Are invisible walls inhibiting internal migration in India? BROOKINGS DECEMBER 1
Road to Damascus: the Syrian refugees who want to go home IRISH TIMES DECEMBER 2
US quits UN global compact on migration, says it’ll set its own policy CNN DECEMBER 3
Germany offers refugees benefits in kind to return home POLITICO DECEMBER 3
Europe’s Muslim population will continue to grow – but how much depends on migration PEW RESEARCH DECEMBER 4
EU Migration Partnerships: A Work in Progress MIGRATION POLICY DECEMBER 6
Germany Is Preparing to Send Refugees Back to Syria FOREIGN POLICY DECEMBER 6
It’s Official: Timeline For Human Migration Gets A Rewrite DISCOVERY MAGAZINE DECEMBER 7
An Interactive Story Follows Two Migrants on Their Journeys to Europe HYPERALLERGIC DECEMBER 7
Rewriting the history of man’s migration out of Africa: Study backs theory that our ancestors traveled to Eurasia in several waves 60,000 years EARLIER than first thought DAILYMAIL DECEMBER 8

 DECEMBER 8 – 14

Second cohort of Nauru and Manus refugees to be resettled in US THE GUARDIAN DECEMBER 8
Trump lifts refugee ban, but admissions still plummet, data shows REUTERS DECEMBER 8
Refugees in Greece’s Lesbos left in the cold and rain ALJAZEERA DECEMBER 10
EU could ‘scrap refugee quota scheme’ THE GUARDIAN DECEMBER 11
Fearing the Worst, China Plans Refugee Camps on North Korean Border NYTIMES DECEMBER 11
The refugee crisis in Greece hasn’t gone away and our leaders don’t seem to care NEWSTATESMAN DECEMBER 12
UN and partners launch plan to support five million Syrian refugees and countries hosting them UNCHR DECEMBER 12
Refugee helpers in Germany sued for helping refugees DW DECEMBER 12
Migration looms over summit, as Africa pledges fall short EUOBSERVER DECEMBER 13
Bitter divisions over migration threaten show of unity at EU summit THE GUARDIAN DECEMBER 14

 DECEMBER 15 – 23

It’s Time To End Chain Migration WHITE HOUSE DECEMBER 15
How debt-ridden refugees are being forced to return to a war zone WASHINGTON POST DECEMBER 15
Refugee girls and women: Moving forward on migration policy GOVERNMENT DECEMBER 15
Migration: EU summit fails to bridge east-west divide DW DECEMBER 15
Six common questions people have about refugees in Germany THE LOCAL DECEMBER 15
The International Migration Report 2017 (Highlights) UN DECEMBER 18
Migration: The future depends on our actions today WORLDBANK DECEMBER 18
Net migration from EU to UK falls to lowest on record ECONOMIC TIMES DECEMBER 18
Why cities are the new face of American leadership on global migration BROOKINGS DECEMBER 18
Journalist retraces ancient path of human migration ALJAZEERA DECEMBER 18
With 16 million, India tops world in number of migrants abroad ECONOMIC TIMES DECEMBER 19
Migration Will Drive the Next Wave of World Wars THE NATIONAL INTEREST DECEMBER 20
Lebanon: The Refugees’ Midwife ALJAZEERA DECEMBER 20
Future Warming Could Worsen Europe’s Refugee Crisis NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC DECEMBER 21
Program that helps teen refugees in Rochester in jeopardy as resettlement numbers are slashed DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE DECEMBER 23

 DECEMBER 24 – 31

The refugees who brought hope to a Scottish island THE GUARDIAN DECEMBER 24
UNHCR Calls for Urgent Transfer of Refugees to Mainland Greece VOA NEWS DECEMBER 24
Trump’s new suspension of refugees leaves some at risk of dying, doctors say WASHINGTON POST DECEMBER 26
German local authorities need help getting jobs for refugees DW DECEMBER 26
Refugees Demand to be Allowed Into Croatia BALKAN INSIGHT DECEMBER 26
This small French city wants to be a good home for refugees PRI DECEMBER 27
Syrian refugees in Lebanon facing harsh conditions ALJAZEERA DECEMBER 28
Mediterranean migration crisis: Refugees face violence, vitriol and death at the new ‘back door to Europe’ INDEPENDENT DECEMBER 29
Poland Weighs Bringing Refugees In for Medical Treatment VOA NEWS DECEMBER 29
‘I applied for over 100’ jobs: Refugees struggle to find employment in Manitoba CBC DECEMBER 29
Artist creates tiny houses from the memories of refugees WHYY DECEMBER 31

Facebook, social networks being used in human smuggling

People smugglers are increasingly relying on social media platforms, particularly Facebook, to find their customers.

Europol’s European Migrant Smuggling Center (EMSC) last year identified 1,150 suspicious social media accounts – a staggering rise from the 148 accounts it was watching in 2015.

The trend, which is also is reflected in other parts of the world, has elevated social media’s role in the smuggling trade to a top priority for European police in 2017.

“There is a huge spectrum of services that are being advertised on social media, from accommodation to transportation, to false IDs, visas, sham marriages, you name it,” Europol expert Lara Alegria recently told reporters in Sicily, Italy.

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European citizens want information on migration – not higher walls

Despite being bombarded with headlines about the “migrant crisis” facing Europe, little is really known about how European citizens perceive and experience migration in their daily lives. As part of our ongoing research we’ve found that rather than linking “irregular” migration with fears of terrorism, EU citizens have a more nuanced position on border security. The people we’ve interviewed rejected both border walls and open borders as political solutions to the issue of migration into Europe.

Tougher border security has been a key pillar of the way the EU has responded to the increase in migration since 2015. But our findings contradict the European Commission’s argument that there is a “powerful consensus” among EU institutions and public opinion on the need to enhance border security in response to irregular migration.

The results also question the findings of a 2015 Eurobarometer survey, polling around 27,000 people, which found that in 25 member states, the majority of attitudes towards migration were negative. It also reported that 90% of all EU citizens interviewed said additional border security measures were needed to fight irregular immigration.

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