December 2015

European refugee arrivals drop as Turkey cracks down on smuggling gangs Deutsche Welle December 1

IOM urges Thailand, Asean to block repeat of migrant crisis Bangkok Post December 1

Slovakia offers shelter to Christian refugees Vatican Radio December 1

Rapper and former refugee M.I.A. made a music video depicting the arduous journey of a refugee Business Insider December 1

Climate-forced migration, displacement still unaddressed CBS News December 2

Texas Sues to Block Syrian Refugees The Texas Tribune December 2

Resettled Refugees Help To ‘Bring Buffalo Back’ NPR December 2

Canada’s refugee plan draws attention as possible model for resettlement The Globe and Mail December 2

The Migrant Crisis Won’t Disappear if We Ignore it Huffington Post December 4

Migrant crisis fuels huge rise in sales of guns, burglar alarms, pepper sprays and guard dogs in Austria Mirror December 4

Migrant Crisis In Europe Demands New Refugee Therapy Model Tech Times December 4

Thai migrant crisis meeting ends without any solution on offer Reuters December 4

The other migrant crisis: Cubans are streaming north in large numbers The Washington Post December 5

Migrant crisis: The hard road through Bulgaria BBC News December 6

More than 200 refugee homes burned or attacked in Germany The Independent December 7

We need to radically rethink how we help refugees The Guardian December 7

Southeast Asia: a new refugee crisis looming? Open Democracy December 8

Heart of Asia – Ghani thanks Pakistan for hosting millions of Afghan refugees Daily Times December 9

Syrian refugees now in Toronto look forward to ‘beautiful future’ CBC News December 10

Syrian families reunite under Malaysia’s refugee plan The Straits Times December 10

Life in a Refugee Camp, As Seen By Children National Geographic December 10

A region-by-region guide to the Middle East’s migrant crisis PBS December 11

Syrian Refugees Greeted by Justin Trudeau in Canada The New York Times December 11

Banksy’s Steve Jobs Mural Misses the Point About Refugees WIRED December 11

Dunkirk camp crammed with 2,200 migrants as people smugglers charge them £4k to get to UK Express December 12

Rohingya refugees vanish from Indonesia Irin News December 14

Migrant crisis: Living at a former airport Deutsche Welle December 14

Madrid church recreates nativity scene with drowned refugee child The Local December 15

Unaccompanied children crossing southern border in greater numbers again, raising fears of new migrant crisis The Washington Post December 16

Attacks on refugees in Germany drastically increased in 2015 – police RT December 17

Refugees in Hong Kong Face Legal Limbo Voice of America December 17

Uganda hosts record 500,000 refugees and asylum-seekers UNHCR December 18

World’s refugees and displaced exceed record 60 million: UN Asia Times December 18

Open wallets, not doors; why Gulf states sit out migrant crisis CNBC December 19

Far above Sweden’s Arctic Circle, a ski resort hosts refugees Channel News Asia December 20

See How Germany Welcomes Thousands of Refugees TIME December 21

At Christmas, remember that Jesus was a refugee CNN December 22

Number of migrants reaching Europe this year passes 1 million CNN December 22

Can Biometrics Solve the Refugee Debate? FRONTLINE December 22

Cholera outbreak threatens world’s largest refugee camp CNN December 22

Eurotunnel rides out Calais migrant crisis and reports best ever year Evening Standard December 23

Migrant crisis: ‘A century of exile and homelessness’ BBC News December 23

Migrant crisis: 70 years after WWII, nothing has changed if you’re a refugee Stuff December 24

Migrant crises: Perilous quest for safety Asia One December 25

Hollywood celebrities speak out on migrant crisis Al Arabiya December 26

MAPPED: Shocking march of the far-right across Europe as migration fears reach fever pitch Daily Express December 26

Only 16 Per Cent Of Germans Believe The ‘Economic Benefits’ Argument For Mass Migration Breitbart December 26

Czech leader calls migrant wave in Europe an ‘organised invasion’ Yahoo News December 26

Caught in the refugee crisis, these reporters lost their child to the sea PRI December 26

Europe migrant crisis: Denmark seeks revision to UN refugee convention ABC December 27

Tapping Fears Over Migrants, Germany’s Far Right Expands Influence The Wall Street Journal December 28

Year in Review: Europe’s migrant crisis and Bulgaria The Sofia Globe December 28

Even Europe’s humanitarian superpower is turning its back on refugees The Washington Post December 30

Cuba blames US for migrant crisis in Central America, calls for change in policy Inside Costa Rica December 30

The stunning scope of the world’s refugee crisis, in charts Vox December 30

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