March 2017

   MARCH 1 – MARCH 7, 2017

Merkel visits Egypt, Tunisia to talk about migration the seattle times march 1
Hungary: Left Wing EU Soros Puppets Are Attacking Us for Opposing Mass Immigration breitbart march 1
Merkel heads to Africa in efforts to tackle illegal migration AL ARABIYA ENGLISH MARCH 2
Hungary extends anti-migration state of emergency as border fence produces ‘spectacular’ results BREAKING NEWS IE MARCH 2
UK population to pass 70,000,000 as a result of migration and ageing METRO MARCH 3
Yemen: UN migration agency reports displacement spike in Taiz Governorate UN NEWS CENTRE MARCH 3
Uncovering the hidden history of Latinos in Iowa THE GAZETTE MARCH 4
Australian border control explained: How the UK should manage immigration post-Brexit EXPRESS MARCH 5
May Warned of ‘Worst of All Worlds’ in U.K. Migration Crackdown BLOOMBERG MARCH 5
Responding to Brexit: returning to a social market model on migration open democracy march 6
Strong EU needed to tackle migration, Albanian minister ansa march 6
Will Europe Follow Trump on Migration? carnegie europe march 7
EU border management agency to set up African base in Niger to tackle migration crisis the africa report march 7

   MARCH 8 – MARCH 16, 2017

 Austria urges EU funding cuts for countries that refuse refugees politico march 8
Italy looks to Niger for deal on Libya migration LYBIA HERALD MARCH 8
EU leaders discuss Libya migrant plans euobserver march 9
Aid to deter irregular migration ‘some way’ from making an impact public finance international march 10
Stranded Nigerian and Gambian Migrants Return Home from Libya reliefweb march 10
First Ottawa visit by Trump cabinet member focuses on security, border cbcradio march 11
Report: Merkel Invited Refugees Because Border Clashes Would Look Bad On TV the daily caller march 12
Nearly 100,000 displaced since start of western Mosul assault wtkr march 13
A Threat on Migration That May Prove to Be Empty the new york times march 14
EU-Turkey Migration Deal Failed Model for Further Agreements sputnik international march 14
Fox attacks inclusion of students in UK immigration statistics financial times march 15
Fiction about migration the economist march 16
A year on from a deal with Turkey, Europe still struggles with migration the economist march 16

   MARCH 17 – MARCH 24, 2017

Germany to use automated speech analysis for migration applicants africa times march 17
Germany to Use Dialect Recognition Software to Verify Origins of Refugees sputnik international march 17
Turkey’s President threatens to end EU migration agreement vatican radio march 17
Fear stalks migrants huddled along Hungary’s border the guardian march 18
Focus to reducing migration from Libya could ‘destabilise country’ times of malta march 18
Refugees to face deeper uncertainty after Ankara’s pledge to scrap migration deal with EU rudaw march 19
Italy, northern neighbors work with Libya on migration fox news march 20
Czechs See Migration and Terrorism As EU’s Main Problems: Poll prague morning march 20
More than 6,000 migrants rescued in Mediterranean amid surge on dangerous sea route the washington post MARCH 21
Boat Migrants Landing in Italy ‘at a Pace Exceeding Anything We’ve Seen Before’ breitbart march 22
‘We can no longer turn our backs’ on communities affected by migration crisis in Libya – UN agency chiefun news centre march 23
Libya court suspends Italy deal on tackling migration  news 24 march 24

   MARCH 25 – MARCH 31, 2017

Over 200 Ghanaians transiting from Cuba to USA stranded pulse march 25
Three million new migrants may come to Turkey from Iran: Deputy PM hurriyetdailynews march 26 
‘We reached our limits’: Greece to stop taking back refugees – migration minister rt march 26
Malta ‘spearheading EU efforts to tackle migration on Mediterranean route’malta independent march 27
Central European leaders vow not to be blackmailed by EU on migration REUTERS MARCH 28
MEPs to veto Brexit deal with early migration cut-off date POLITICO MARCH 28
EU migrants ‘can keep moving to Britain right up until Brexit in 2019’ MIRROR MARCH 29
Africa: Infrastructure-As-a-Service – European Data Centres’ Migration to the Cloud Fuels New Investments ALL AFRICA MARCH 29
EU bigwigs in Malta, migration and Brexit dominate FAMAGUSTA GAZETTE MARCH 30
IOM expects to fly up to 10,000 migrants out of Libya in 2017 REUTERS MARCH 31
Mediterranean Migrant Arrivals Reach 27,850, Deaths: 655 RELIEFWEB MARCH 31
Migrant Deaths in Mediterranean Sea Spike by 42 Per Cent in 2017 BREITBART MARCH 31
Rare happy ending in Mediterranean migrant drama THE LOCAL MARCH 31

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