May 2017

   MAY 1 – MAY 7, 2017

Foreign Minister: EU must focus on Libya TIMES OF MALTA MAY 1
‘Root causes’ of migration must be fought, says AU AA MAY 2
Two-thirds of people don’t believe Theresa May will achieve tens of thousands immigration target THE INDEPENDENT MAY 2
Ensure migration of students in ‘reverse direction’: President hindustantimes MAY 2 
Migration of students should be in ‘reverse direction’ in India: President Pranab Mukherjee india today may 3
Stepping back from sensationalist stories on African migration open democracy may 4
Unauthorized Migration Is Worth Billions for LatAm Organized Crime insight crime MAY 4
Tory think tank rounds on May over pledge to cut net migration to below 100,000 THE INDEPENDENT MAY 4
German migration authorities probe 2000 asylum cases after high profile fraud DW MAY 5
Sudan, UN Migration Agency Renew Humanitarian Assistance Cooperation Agreement RELIEF WEB MAY 5
UN migration agency transports hundreds of South Sudanese refugees from border into Ethiopia UN NEWS CENTRE MAY 5
Ukip will promise ‘one in one out’ migration policy to cut immigration from 600,000 to 300,000 a year THE TELEGRAPH MAY 6
U.K. Businesses Must Hire More British Workers, May’s Tories Say BLOOMBERG MAY 7
International students decry 457 visa changes FINDER AU MAY 7

   MAY 8 – MAY 14, 2017

May could meet net migration target – by crashing the economy THE GUARDIAN MAY8
Theresa May vows to cut migration figures to tens of thousands ECONOMIC TIMES MAY 8
Chinese Youth Face Migration Dilemma: Cities or Villages? women of china MAY 9
Amid spreading cholera outbreak, UN migration agency aids South Sudanese UN NEWS CENTRE MAY 10
Migrants are paying the price of the border crackdown — in blood i politics MAY 10
Forced to Flee Central America’s Northern Triangle: A Neglected Humanitarian Crisis RELIEF WEB MAY 11
Attack on Yemeni city could overwhelm humanitarian capacity, warns UN migration agency UN NEWS CENTRE MAY 12
Africa’s new slave trade: how migrants flee poverty to get sucked into a world of violent crime THE GUARDIAN MAY 13
Migration and Capitalism, in the Age of Trump: Toward the Freedom of Movement for People, Not Capital THE BULLET MAY 14

   MAY 15 – MAY 23, 2017

Dutch four-way coalition talks collapse over migration BBC NEWS MAY 15
Germany and Italy want EU to halt migrants in Libya EU OBSERVER MAY 15
EU executive to decide on migration penalties in June REUTERS MAY 16
EU told to tackle causes, not consequences, of migration: African Union’s president NEW EUROPE MAY 16
Poland Says Taking Migrants ‘Much Worse’ Than EU Sanctions BREITBART MAY 17
George Osborne’s ATTACK on May: Senior cabinet does NOT back 10,000s migration target EXPRESS UK MAY 17
Theresa May repeats promise to cut net migration target to 100,000 a year THE SUN MAY 18
Pay double to employ immigrants THE CONSTRUCTION INDEX MAY 18
Conservative manifesto: No timetable for migration pledge BBC NEWS MAY 19
Net Migration Must Be ‘Double Tory Target’ To Prevent Economic Crisis, Think Tank Says HUFFPOST MAY 19
Where are Europe’s illegal migrants coming from? Surprise: It’s Bangladesh. THE WASHINGTON POST MAY 19
Why migration from Africa this century will make the refugee crisis look like a dress rehearsal THE TELEGRAPH MAY 20
Italy and France call for more integrated EU action on migrants REUTERS MAY 21
UK economy ‘needs 200,000 migrants a year’ FRESH PRODUCE JOURNAL MAY 22
Ghana needs measures to stop illegal migration my joy online may 23
Social work in Europe adapts to challenges of migration and exclusion the guardian may 23

   MAY 24 – MAY 31, 2017

Security concerns may drive more Filipinos to migrate abs cbn may 24
A big drop in migration to the UK shows Brexit is working—at least for the anti-immigration right QUARTZ MAY 25
Divisions between Trump and G7 killing hopes for migration crisis plan the globe and mail may 26
Italy Still Isolated in Shouldering Migration Crisis After G7 USA NEWS MAY 27
54 dead, some 10,000 migrants rescued between Libya and Italy in 4 days THE LOCAL ITALY MAY 27
The Criminalization of Migration in Europe: The Way Ahead MODERN DIPLOMACY MAY 27
Drought-led migration is making girls prey to trafficking in Andhra Pradesh’s Kadiri, pushing town towards HIV/AIDS FIRST POST MAY 28
Migration to Penang, Selangor shows Malaysians ‘voting with their feet’ MALAYMAIL MAY 29
Cuba, Canada to hold second round of talks on migration news xinhuanet MAY 29
Debunking myths about why people migrate across the Mediterranean THE CONVERSATION MAY 30
“I never thought to come in Europe”: unpacking the myths of Europe’s ‘migration crisis’ OPEN DEMOCRACY MAY 31

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