News: December 2016

   DECEMBER 1 – DECEMBER 7, 2016

From Guatemala to the United States, and Back Again the atlantic december 1
Migration was at highest level in run up to EU referendum the times december 1
Migration into the UK hit near-record levels just before the Brexit vote business insider december 1

U.K. Net Migration Hits Near-Record Before Brexit Vote
 bloomberg december 1
Net migration from EU to Britain hit record high ahead of EU vote reuters december 1
Net migration stays near record high bbc news december 1
Surge in EU workers coming to Britain in run up to Brexit vote sends total immigration to highest EVER level of 650,000 in a year daily mail uk december 1
2017 EU budget adopted with more for migration, security euroactiv december 2
DeSoto 911 radio ‘migration’ nearly done desoto times december 2
Unearthing a historic migration from Kerala to Israel  the hindu december 3
California Weighs Protections for Immigrants Threatened by Trump Policies THE NEW YORK TIMES DECEMBER 4
Lost in Migration foreign affairs december 5
U.N. refugee chief warns EU against carrot-and-stick approach to migration reuters december 5
Setting Sights on Fourth Term, Merkel Vows Tough Line on Migrationthe new york times december 6
Poll: Britain’s EU Divorce Most Likely to End With Bilateral Trade Deal reuters december 6
Europol to ‘Look Again’ at Worst Migrant Drowning of 2016 THE NEW YORK TIMES DECEMBER 6
‘Keep Calm and Negotiate’: EU Sees October 2018 Brexit Deal THE NEW YORK TIMES DECEMBER 6
White Supremacist Richard Spencer: ‘We reached tens of millions of people’ with video cnn december 6

   DECEMBER 8 – DECEMBER 15, 2016

Migration cut will raise low pay by just 1% THE TIMES DECEMBER 8
EU says Greece fit to take back migrants EUOBSERVER DECEMBER 8

Commission reports on progress made under the European Agenda on Migration
Italy, Greece face off against easterners in EU migration feud REUTERS DECEMBER 9
Mexican officials work to fight human rights violations against migrants returning from U.S. THE YUCATAN TIMES december 10
CBI: We need immigrants in the UK because young Britons won’t move to get jobs THE TELEGRAPH DECEMBER 10
Dublin transfers of migrants to Greece can resume under conditions TORNOS NEWS DECEMBER 11
Tánaiste, Minister Zappone on official visit to Greece to assess migration progress NEWSTALK DECEMBER 11
EU: Restore Rights Values to Migration Policy HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH DECEMBER 12
EU agrees money-for-migration deal with Mali REUTERS DECEMBER 12
Fear of populism is hollowing out Europe’s leadership on refugees OPEN DEMOCRACY DECEMBER 13
Migrant crisis will return to Europe with a vengeance THE AUSTRALIAN DECEMBER 14
Europe Tries to Wish Away Its Next Refugee Crisis BLOOMBERG DECEMBER 14
Debate on migration, security, Russia, Brexit and investment in jobs EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT DECEMBER 14
EU Offers More Funds to Africa to Curb Migration VOA DECEMBER 15
International migration: Key findings from the U.S., Europe and the world PEW RESEARCH CENTER DECEMBER 15

   DECEMBER 16 – DECEMBER 23, 2016

Lefty luvvie brands Tory MP ‘RACIST’ for questioning border security during on-air spat EXPRESS UK DECEMBER 16
Mixed messages on migration | Ahmed Bugre MALTA TODAY december 18
Migration minister eyes ‘closed’ facilities on islands ekathimerini december 18
BD migration up by 36% dhaka tribune december 18
Migration – a journey we take together myanmar times december 19
EU Supports Horn of Africa: Targeting Instability and Migration EU BULLETIN DECEMBER 19
Refugee flows and migration: Germany provides 48 million euros of support for EU‑IOM migrant protection initiative relief web december 20
Kiwi Workers Missing Out as Migration Sets New Record SCOOP DECEMBER 20
Theresa May accused of ‘contempt for figures’ as she won’t commit to the Tories’ own EU migration targets MIRROR UK DECEMBER 20
EU Approves €37 million Package to Tackle Migration Challenges in North Africa THE NORTH AFRICA POST DECEMBER 20
UN says more children and men falling prey to traffickers amid migration crisis THE GUARDIAN DECEMBER 21

The other migrant crisis: Thousands risk journey through Latin America
 cnn december 21
Look at positive gains of migration, EU nations urged NEW VISION DECEMBER 21
Migration fears ebb since Brexit vote, giving PM May breathing space REUTERS DECEMBER 21
NZ migration, tourism boom year continues OTAGO DAILY TIMES DECEMBER 21
Almost all Russia’s population growth caused by migration VESTNIK DECEMBER 21
Why I’m heading up a campaign to give every European under 25 money to work in other EU countries the independent december 21
Housing crisis for the young, but nobody mentions Migration UKIP DECEMBER 22
Bulgarians see immigration as biggest issue facing EU, 77% oppose migration by non-EU nationals the sofia globe december 22
Migrant crisis: UN says 5,000 drown trying to reach Europe this year BBC DECEMBER 23

   DECEMBER 24 – DECEMBER 31, 2016

Decongestion of Aegean Islands Will Start in April, Migration Min. Mouzalas Says GREEK REPORTER DECEMBER 24

Italy: Migration is a Gangland Business Plan
Orbán: EU Must Change After ‘Christians Murdered at Christmas’ in ‘Heart of Europe’ BREITBART DECEMBER 25
Angela Merkel is destroying Europe the week december 26
Czech president links Europe attacks to migration wave FOX NEWS DECEMBER 26
Sweden Struggles to Expel Suspicious Asylum Seekers SPUTNIK DECEMBER 26
Changing face of Britain: Immigration ‘to fuel 52 per cent of population growth by 2021’ EXPRESS UK DECEMBER 27
Migration anxieties deepen ahead of Dutch elections politico eu december 27

Mexico eyes border, migration as leverage in talks with Trump
 reuters december 28
Migration 2.0: EU-Turkey Refugee Agreement ‘Just Changed Refugee Routes’ sputnik december 28
Migration and security projects secure €93m of EU funds MALTA TODAY DECEMBER 28
Immigration Is the Only Hope for States That Helped Trump BLOOMBERG DECEMBER 28
Mass migration of Christians spells end of church in Iraq, warn activists rudaw december 28
Global Migration Continues Despite Anti-Immigration Trend brink news december 29
For Managing Migration, Australia is No Model for Europe HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH DECEMBER 29
2016: The year that Europe stopped caring about dead migrants INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES DECEMBER 30
White births, migration explain why Texas remains a red state MY SAN ANTONIO DECEMBER 31
New Italian government seeks migration crackdown DW DECEMBER 31
The Clear And Present Danger Of Irregular Migration PEACE FM DECEMBER 31

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