February 2015

Perception, Policy, and Migration 17 Feb 2015 Pacific Standard Magazine

IOM: Some 3,800 Migrants Rescued from Mediterranean since Friday 17 Feb 2015 Voice of America News

Canada’s millionaire migrants earn less than refugees, so why bother with wealth migration? 17 Feb 2015 South China Morning Post

A Contemporary Codex Teaches Children About Migration 17 Feb 2015 Hyperallergic

Irregular migration is feeding into the growth of anti-establishment politics in southern Europe 17 Feb 2015 LSE EUROPP Blog

Poverty spurs mass migration from Kosovo  16 Feb 2015 EurActiv

Leaders reject Netanyahu calls for Jewish mass migration to Israel 16 Feb 2015 The Guardian UK

Tories should look beyond migration cap, says thinktank 16 Feb 2015 The Guardian UK

Great Migration Shortened Lives of Blacks Who Fled Jim Crow South 16th Feb 2015 NBC News

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