JULY 1 – JULY 7, 2016

Brexit: the industries that will be hit hardest if EU migrants are forced to leave the UK The Independent July 4
Island Focus: Two migrant workers die in Malaysia The Jakarta Post July 4
Girl who claimed she was sexually assaulted by a migrant at an Austrian swimming pool which subsequently banned all foreigners admits she made it up  Daily Mail July 4
Central America Authorities Break Up Massive Migrant Smuggling Ring QCosta Rica July 4
Migrant workers protest seeking minimum wages The Hindu July 4
A pile of paperwork to hire migrant dairy workers NZ Farmer July 4
Plans afoot to empty Elliniko migrant camp Ekathimerini July 4
Bend it Like Beckham [in a Burka]: Qatar v. Migrant Workers’ Rights – A Game of Deflection Peace & Conflict Monitor July 5
No summer break for migrant schoolchildren in Greek camp Ekathimerini July 5
Hungary referendum on EU migrant relocation in October Politico July 5
Cameroonian gives birth as 4,500 migrants picked up in Mediterranean Africa News July 6
Five design innovations for Europe’s refugee crisis, vetted by Ikea’s head of design Quartz July 6
Italy’s Gruesome Migrant Organ Transplant Murders The Daily Beast July 6
Rights Group Blasts EU Plans on Halting Libya Migrant Exodus Voice of America July 6
Italy migrants: Nigerian killed in Fermo race attack BBC News July 7
The Italian Navy Has Recovered 217 Bodies from Migrant Ship Wreckage TIME July 7
Migrants put Sweden’s cozy Nordic Model under pressure Reuters July 7
Interpol warns Ugandan migrant workers Africa Report July 7
Recruitment challenges at migrant kindergartens Shanghai Daily July 7
German migrant crisis: Row erupts over cost of Angela Merkel’s integration policy Express July 7
Migrants stranded in Colombia as route to US closed Al Jazeera July 7

   JULY 8 – JULY 15, 2016

Cambridge frets over Brexit as city thrives on migrant staff The Guardian July 8
The Migrant Crisis Is Driving German Towns And Cities Into Debt Breitbart July 8
Greek Volunteers Are Bracing for Another Wave of Migrants Vice July 8
Migrant crisis: UN criticises Hungary over border controls BBC News July 9
The labour train – following the migrant workers of Tajikistan The Guardian July 10
Australian migrants denied citizenship on political grounds demand recognition The Guardian July 10
Nato to join EU warships in Libya migrant operation EU Observer July 10
Europe’s rail motorway halts over Calais migrant crisis The Local July 12
Migrant workers detained in Malaysia return home Myanmar Times July 13
Oman: Domestic Workers Trafficked, Trapped Human Rights Watch July 13
Greece: migrant dies after clashes at camp Fox News July 14
Hungary deploys army to push migrants back to Serbia BBC News July 14
Four migrants found dead, 945 rescued from boats in Mediterranean Reuters July 14
Focus on ‘glamorous’ farming to combat migrant flight from Africa: former Nigerian president Reuters July 15
UN: South Sudan refugees could soon hit one million Al Jazeera July 15

   JULY 16 – JULY 24, 2016

Attack in France Fuels Anti-Immigrant Parties on Europe’s Right The New York Times July 16
Migrants brawl in Hungarian camp as border tension grows The Irish Times July 18
Serbia, Macedonia, Boost Controls to Stop Migrants Balkan Insight July 18
Oxfam: Richest Nations Ducking Duty to Refugees News Deeply July 18
More Europe-bound migrants may be dying in Sahara than at sea Defence Web July 18
UK: Families opening doors to refugees Al Jazeera July 18
German train ax attack puts Merkel migrant policy back in spotlight Reuters July 19
Aboard a Mediterranean rescue ship, migrants share horror stories from Libya PBS July 19
‘Broken-hearted and sad’, British schoolchildren learn empathy for refugees Reuters July 20
Turkey’s failed coup could have disastrous consequences for Europe’s migrant crisis Vox July 21
Smartphone app lets users play refugee interrogator RT July 21
Migrant disaster boat was ‘packed like Auschwitz trains’ The Local.It July 21
The refugees making Greece feel like home Al Jazeera July 21
French cops dismantle massive migrant camp in central Paris that had been home to more than 1,000 Afghans and East Africans The Sun July 22
Most migrant sex workers satisfied with their work: Australian Institute of Criminology The Age July 22
Poland ‘changing for the worse’ for Muslims and refugees EU Observer July 22
Internet in Greek migrant camps as important as food, say aid groups Ekathimerini July 22
Refugees in Serbia stage hunger strike, demand Hungary opens border RT July 22
Italy on the brink: Warning of Calais-style camps as migrant numbers become ‘unmanageable’ The Express July 22
‘Unlimited xenophobia’ or fighting terrorism? Hungary launches controversial anti-migrant campaign RT July 22
IOM: Nearly 3,000 Dead Crossing Mediterranean This Year Greek Reporter July 23
Child migrants in Sicily must overcome one last obstacle – the mafia The Guardian July 24

   JULY 25 – JULY 31, 2016

Brexit fallout: Anti-migrant attacks surge in the UK Al Jazeera July 25
When a migrant’s desperate journey becomes a deadly journey PBS July 25
Bavaria calls for extra police and migrant crackdown after attacks The Guardian July 26
Thousands of child migrants let down by Britain and left to fall into the hands of people traffickers, warn peers The Telegraph July 26
One dead after violent clashes in Calais migrant camp The Local.FR July 26
Dispatches: Italy Illegally Returning Migrant Children to Greece Human Rights Watch July 26
Myanmar Migrants Found on Fishing Boat in Thai Waters Return Home Radio Free Asia July 26
German man jailed for life for murdering migrant boy Reuters July 26
Hungarian prime minister calls migrants entering Europe a ‘poison’ The Independent July 27
Haitian migrant crisis exposes rift in the Catholic Church BBC News July 27
‘Can’t welcome everyone’: Italy launches €1.5mn online project to deter migrants RT July 28
Protests break out in Greek migrant camp after woman dies Deutsche Welle July 28
German Chancellor Angela Merkel Stands Firm on Migrant Policy After Terrorist Attacks Wall Street Journal July 28
Byron accused of setting ‘immigration trap’ for migrant workers Evening Standard July 28
Unaware of rights, exploited migrant and trafficked workers suffer in silence -research Thomas Reuters Foundation July 29
‘Big risk’ of EU-Turkey migrant deal collapsing Al-Arabiya July 30
Migrant summer school helps fill education gaps, inspire dreams The Seattle Times July 30
Turkey out of migrant deal if EU fails on visa-free travel: Cavusoglu Deutsche Welle July 31
Five migrant bodies recovered, 1,100 rescued: Italy coastguard Reuters July 31
Migrant labourers most vulnerable The Indian Express July 31
More than 120 migrant bodies washed up in Libya’s Sabratha in July Reuters July 31

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