News: January 2017

   JANUARY 1 – JANUARY 7, 2017

 Hungry Venezuelans flood Brazilian towns, as threat of mass migration looms THE WASHINGTON POST JANUARY 1
The Islamization of Germany in 2016 GATESTONE JANUARY 2
Over 8,000 migrants ‘disappeared’ off Swiss radar in 2016 RT JANUARY 3
Curbs on non-EU migration have ‘no impact’ claims campaign group Migration Watch UK THE SUN JANUARY 4
In 2017 the other EU states will take back control of Brexit NEW STATESMAN JANUARY 4
Brexit will reduce net migration to zero due to immigration controls on EU nationals, says report THE INDEPENDENT JANUARY 5
 UK Treasury Accused of ‘Flawed’ Project Fear Brexit Predictions SPUTNIK NEWS JANUARY 5
Brexit will let Britain halve net migration: Major report delivers devastating verdict on post-referendum scaremongering DAILY MAIL JANUARY 5
Project Fear Brexit predictions were ‘flawed and partisan’, new study says THE TELEGRAPH JANUARY 5
Austria eyes plan to call for EU migration ceiling THE JAPAN NEWS JANUARY 6
2016 deadliest year ever for migrants crossing Mediterranean – UN agency UN NEWS CENTER JANUARY 6
Migration row heightens over Austria’s policy to ‘dump refugees’ outside of EU international business times january 7

   JANUARY 8 – JANUARY 15, 2017

Migrants are filmed suffering in sub-zero snow-covered tents on the Greek island of Lesbos just days after politicians claimed they didn’t exist Daily mail january 8
EU Migration in Numbers: 2016 Deadliest Year So Far EU BULLETIN JANUARY 9
2016 killer year for migrants DAILYTIMES JANUARY 9
National Migration Week seeks to put faces on immigration debate CRUX JANUARY 9
2016 deadliest year yet for migrants crossing the Mediterranean DEFENSE WEB JANUARY 9
Immigration boosts wealth, does not increase inequality: IMF REUTERS JANUARY 9
Italy opens Libya embassy to stop migrants EU OBSERVER JANUARY 10
Bishops mention immigration policy, heritage in National Migration Week statement THE CATHOLIC SUN january 10
Migrants battling exposure as freezing temperatures grip Europe, warns UN agency UN NEWS CENTER JANUARY 11
Germany: 280,000 new migrants last year, far lower than 2015 KRMG JANUARY 11
The EU invests in migration control AFRICAN BUSINESS JANUARY 12
Migration from state top issue for youth voters THE TIMES OF INDIA JANUARY 13
Somali town bans expensive weddings in bid to reduce migration THE INDEPENDENT JANUARY 13
 The world needs a new strategy to tackle the migration crisis THE GUARDIAN JANUARY 14
William Hague proposes ‘simple’ EU work permit system to prevent ‘complex’ Brexit deal EXPRESS UK JANUARY 14
Migrant crisis: About 100 feared drowned after boat sinks off Libya BBC JANUARY 15
Scores missing in migrant crossing in Mediterranean: Italy PULSE JANUARY 15

   JANUARY 16 – JANUARY 23, 2017

Europe Gears Up for ‘Record Levels’ of New Migrants in 2017 BREIRBART JANUARY 16
Europe braced for TENS OF THOUSANDS of migrants to arrive in ‘record levels’ this year EXPRESS UK JANUARY 16
Scores of migrants feared dead, 13 bodies found in Mediterranean DEFENCE WEB JANUARY 16
African Migrants Surge to U.S. Via Mexico Ahead of Trump BREITBART JANUARY 16
Migration chief calls for world to recognize Turkey AA JANUARY 16
Merkel tells Donald Trump Europe’s fate ‘lies in its own hands’ IBI TIMES JANUARY 16
Refugee crisis: More than 200 migrants drown and freeze to death as first fortnight of 2017 sets new record THE INDEPENDENT JANUARY 17
Just more than two weeks into 2017, already more than 200 migrants and refugees dead in the Med THE SOFIA GLOBE JANUARY 17
The cost of post-Brexit migration control CIPD JANUARY 17
French Fraternity and Migrants THE NEW YORK TIMES JANUARY 17
Some unskilled migration to UK likely to continue after Brexit – minister REUTERS JANUARY 17
Number of Suspected Dead Climbs from Shipwreck off Libya NEWSMAX JANUARY 17
EU migration chief deplores conditions in Greek island camps THE SEATTLE TIMES JANUARY 18
EU needs Turkish-style migration deal on Libya: Maltese PM REUTERS JANUARY 18
The world needs a new strategy to tackle the migration crisis TEHRAN TIMES JANUARY 18
UK will pay huge price for prioritising migration curbs, says Dutch PM THE GUARDIAN JANUARY 19
Germany details its ‘Marshall Plan’ for Africa EU OBSERVER JANUARY 19
UN Launches New Plan to Ease Plight of Refugees, Migrants in Europe VOA NEWS JANUARY 19
Living in limbo: documenting life as a migrant in Libya THE INDEPENDENT JANUARY 19
Donald Trump Isn’t Stopping This Pakistani Muslim Immigrant From Having Hope HUFFINGTON POST JANUARY 19
Migration crisis, a human crisis after all THE EUROPEAN STING JANUARY 20
EU migration chief in Greece over islands’ refugee ‘burden’ WOLRD BULLETIN JANUARY 20
Awash in Migrants, Italy Steps Up Deportations for Relief THE WALL STREET JOURNAL JANUARY 20
A Note About Migration From Venezuela in the Chavista Era VENEZUELAN ANALYSIS JANUARY 20
Australia to seek UK migration deal in Brexit trade talks THE GUARDIAN JANUARY 20
Trump’s Mexico bashing may backfire if peso plunge forces poor migrants north THE GUARDIAN JANUARY 20
Mexican top officials will meet Trump administration to discuss bilateral relations next week MERCOPRESS JANUARY 20
Mexico president talks with Trump as faces populist pressure at home INVESTING JANUARY 20
America first, immigrants second VICE NEWS JANUARY 20
Awash in migrants, Italy steps up deportations for relief FOX NEWS JANUARY 21
UK immigration limit ‘could seriously harm Scotland’ BBC NEWS JANUARY 21
Urgent common solutions needed about the current migration crisis – Minister Abela MALTA INDEPENDENT JANUARY 22
Rights group calls for protection of migrants in US CI NEWS JANUARY 22
Welsh Brexit plan: Call for migration to be linked to work BBC NEWS JANUARY 23
‘Every country has THE RIGHT to control its borders’ – Pope on migration crisis EXPRESS UK JANUARY 23
May to discuss how to boost US-UK migration with Trump, say sources THE GUARDIAN JANUARY 23

   JANUARY 24 – JANUARY 31, 2017

Donald Trump expected to order Mexican border wall and temporarily ban refugees THE INDEPENDENT JANUARY 24
Donald Trump Moving Forward With Muslim Ban In New Executive Order POLITICUS USA JANUARY 24
Trump to Sign Temporary Immigration Ban Targeting Muslims and Blocking Most Refugees THE SLATEST JANUARY 24
Trump Signs Executive Orders On Border Wall, Immigrant Crackdown rferl JANUARY 25
Trump says immigration block ‘not the Muslim ban’ POLITICO JANUARY 25
Trump to ban arrivals from 7 Muslim countries THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH JANUARY 25
Trump’s hypocritical immigration ban punishes Muslims from countries America has destroyed QUARTZ JANUARY 26
Will Donald Trump ban Pakistani, Afghan immigrants from entering America? FINANCIAL EXPRESS JANUARY 26
NYC: Thousands Protest Trump Plan to Impose Ban on Refugees, Block Visas from 7 Muslim Nations DEMOCRACY NOW! JANUARY 26
EU interior ministers at loggerheads over distribution of migrants DW JANUARY 27
Funds allocated to protect child migrants ‘lost in red tape’ MALTA TODAY JANUARY 27
United Nations urges Trump to keep door open for refugees DW JANUARY 28
Amid Yemen’s chaos, migrants stream in only to face torment FOX NEWS JANUARY 28
German Foreign Min cites torture, executions in Libyan migrant camps: report METRO JANUARY 28
Schäuble says German migration policy was a mistake POLITICO JANUARY 29

Turkey threatens to scrap Greece migration deal


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