May 2015

LETTERS: ‘Immigration reform’ a misnomer   Las Vegas Review Journal May 28

Finnish politician suggests sterilizing African immigrants ‘to avoid total collapse’ in Helsinki Reuters May 28 

Rohingya refugees in spotlight as Nobel laureates chide Aung San Suu Kyi  CS Monitor May 28 

Immigrants, Latinos Helped Drive Business Creation Last Year  The Wall Street Journal May 27 

Malaysia’s Duty to the Rohingyas  The NY Times May 27

Immigrants Are More Dangerous Than ISIS And 10 Other Horrible Anti-Immigrant Media Moments From Ann Coulter  Media Matters for America  May 27  

The Genocide of the Rohingyas  International Policy Digest May 27 

Canada slips out of top-five countries in integrating immigrants  The Star May 27 

Fewer immigrants are entering the U.S. illegally, and that’s changed the border security debate The Washington Post May 27 

Do you want more immigrants working in Britain, or more British jobs going to foreign call centres?  The Telegraph May 26 

Myanmar’s shame  The Economist May 23 

For New Immigrants To The U.S., Ellis Island Still Means A Lot   NPR May 20

Racist and anti-immigration views held by children revealed in schools study  The Guardian May 19 

Why are so many Rohingya migrants stranded at sea?  BBC News May 18 

The Guardian view on migration: a radical new start is needed  The Guardian May 11 

EU Proposes A Plan To Address The Mediterranean Migrant Crisis NPR May 11

Hillary Clinton Backs Path to Citizenship for Illegal Immigrants  The Wall Street Journal May 05

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