November 2015

The Struggle of More Than One Thousand Cuban Immigrants Stranded in Central America Global Voices November 23
Israel just approved immigration for 9,000 Ethiopian Jews — here’s who they are Times of Israel November 23
Universities Exploit Illegal Immigrants Accuracy in Academia November 23
Forty Years After Resettlement, Thousands of Southeast Asian Refugees Face Deportation NBC News November 23
For recent immigrants, new traditions are a reason to be grateful Chicago Tribune November 22
Refugees: That Time Everyone Said ‘No’ And Bolivia Said ‘Yes’ NPR November 22
This Isn’t The First Time Americans Have Shown Fear Of Refugees NPR November 22
Greek concerns mount over refugees as Balkan countries restrict entry The Guardian November 22
Carson: All Immigrants, Not Just Muslims, Belong in Database Newsmax November 21
Mexicans coming back for family, economics Mexico News Daily November 20
Refugee crisis: Scottish island of Bute prepares to welcome 15 Syrian families The Independent November 20
Sweden hits refugee crisis zero hour Deutsche Welle November 20
Fake Google fortune-telling website spreads awareness about Syrian refugee crisis Indian Express November 20
Survivors of Japanese-American internment camps say response to Syrian refugees is ‘racial prejudice and terror hysteria’ New York Daily News November 20
Australia to take Syrian refugees from all backgrounds, government affirms The Guardian November 20
Inside Las Colonias, the Texas Border Towns Without Electricity or Running Water VICE November 19
How the Syrian refugee crisis shows the hypocrisy of ‘All Lives Matter’ Fusion November 19
The Daily Caller’s Sexist Slideshow: Only Hot Syrian Refugees Allowed BUST November 19
5 Amazing Women Who You Probably Forgot Are Refugees BUST November 19
Syrian refugees in America: separating fact from fiction in the debate The Guardian November 19
Immigrants May Impact an Election NPR November 19
Honduras detains five Syrians with stolen Greek passports The Guardian November 18
Immigrants’ spouses ‘must speak English before entering UKThe Guardian November 18
Asia Briefs: Indonesia to hold talks on illegal immigrants The Straits Times November 14
Nashville schools build $38M program to teach immigrants English The Tennessean November 13
Myanmar’s persecuted Rohingya see glimmer of hope in Suu Kyi victory Channel News Asia November 13
Is It a Stretch to Compare Today’s Immigrants With Roman Slaves? Newsweek November 13
Mexico Launches Campaign To Promote ‘Dual Citizenship’ Among Millions Of Legal Immigrants Forbes November 12
EU to offer Africans aid, other benefits to cut migration – plan Channel News Asia November 12
These Iconic Figures of American History Were All Immigrants TIME November 12
Could Migrants Rescue Aging Asia? The Diplomat November 11
Faces from the Border: We Could Be Them New Yorker November 11
Home Office accused of breaking rules on cuffing asylum seekers The Guardian November 9
Pakistan suspends EU migrant readmission agreement over ‘misuse’ Channel News Asia November 7
The Prison-To-Deportation Pipeline That Keeps Punishing Immigrants Think Forward November 7
Cemetery of souls: the refugee crisis on Lesbos – in pictures The Guardian November 7
More than a third of the 2016 presidential candidates are children or spouses of immigrants Fusion November 6
Pregnant asylum seekers: Labor says medical advice should trump policyThe Guardian November 6
The Numbers Crunch: At last, some facts and figures in immigration debate The Sacramento Bee November 6
Illegal immigrants release ‘Bill of Rights’ Washington Times November 5

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