October 2015

Migrant Crisis: Nearly 50 Drown in 3 Days as Refugee Boats Sink NBC News October 30
The Refugees’ Journey Through Europe The New York Times October 29
What’s It Like to Have Refugees Stream Into Your Town? National Geographic October 28
Republican Latinos Call Out Candidates On Immigration Rhetoric Here & Now October 28
Heart-Wrenching Photos Show Rescued Refugees Arriving In Lesbos Huffington Post October 29
Refugee crisis: The map that shows how Europe is becoming a fortress to keep people out The Independent October 27
Istanbul has more Syrian refugees than all of Europe says David Miliband The Guardian October 27
The Magnitude of the Refugee Crisis The Atlantic October 26
Migrant crisis: Germany should offer part-time low-paid jobs to refugees says Airbus boss Tom Enders International Business Times October 26
Refugees can compete at Rio Olympics, says International Olympic Committee CBC October 26
Refugees will freeze to death, warn EU heads The Telegraph October 25
Immigrant family detention centers are prison-like, critics say, despite order to improve Los Angeles Times October 23
What America’s immigrants looked like when they arrived on Ellis Island The Washington Post October 24
Hundreds of refugees are refusing to settle in PNG’s ‘land of opportunities’ The Guardian October 23
Cyprus agrees to process 114 Syrian refugees who landed at UK military base RT October 22
Immigrants pay pensions for 620,000 Italians – study Channel News Asia October 22
The Two Asian Americas The New Yorker October 21
San Francisco’s Immigrant Sanctuary Status Reaffirmed Voice of America October 21
Refugees who changed the world CNN October 22
Among The Lucky Few: Syrian Family Rebuilds In America’s Heartland NPR October 20
Many Uruguayans fed up with complaints from Syrian refugees Yahoo News October 19
Swiss Anti-Immigration Party Wins Big in Elections The New York Times October 18
Merkel’s dilemma as Germany frets over refugees The Telegraph October 17
Anti-Immigrant Protester Stabs German Politician, Cites Unhappiness With ‘Influx Of Refugees’ Think Progress October 17
Afghan refugee shot dead by Bulgarian police near border with Turkey The Independent October 16
Racism, insomnia plague Syrian refugee family in Germany Yahoo News October 16
More support needed for Somali refugees going back home from Kenya UNHCR October 16
Merkel’s conservative alliance plan refugee transit zones on border The Guardian October 13
Why more Syrian refugees are leaving Jordan than arriving PBS October 12
Trump says Syrian refugees could be a ‘Trojan horse’ for ISIS New York Post October 11
Fleeing Europe and North America. Stop Millions Of Western Immigrants! Global Research October 10
Eritrean refugees flown from Italy to Sweden in first EU quota relocation The Guardian October 9
Refugee surge brings youth to an aging Europe Pew Research Center October 8
Influx Of Non-European Immigrants Defines America Today NPR October 8
Australia seeking refugee resettlement deal with Philippines, say reports The Guardian October 8
Merkel and Hollande Plead for Unity on Refugees in Europe The Wall Street Journal October 7
Arabic Is Fastest-Growing Language In US As Immigration From Middle East, North Africa Spikes International Business Times October 7
Theresa May wants to change the international definition of ‘refugee’ The Independent October 6
Tensions simmer as Turkey struggles with burden of refugees Reuters October 5
Refugee Invasion of Europe Greek Reporter October 4
Refugees Fleeing Conflict: In Their Own Words ABC News October 5
Embracing the ‘other’ The Express Tribune October 5
Suspicious of Syrian refugees coming to the U.S.? Here’s a reality check. The Washington Post October 2
Refugee sea arrivals in Greece this year approach 400,000 UNHCR October 2
The Immigration Act That Inadvertently Changed America The Atlantic October 2
Looking for a global growth strategy? Support refugees. The Washington Post October 1
Australian immigration detention costs double that of US and Europe – report The Guardian October 1
Miscalculation on Visas Disrupts Lives of Highly Skilled Immigrants The New York Times October 1
Study: Asians to surpass Latinos as largest immigrant group in US Florida Courier October 1

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