The Routes of Migration

The Routes of Migration
Online since 2007

“The website “Routes of Migration” retraces paths of immigrants and emigrants on a map of present-day North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). In doing so, it marks different “places of memory” in NRW, a province which has been uniquely shaped by migration. The website was developed in 2007, through the collaborative work of the Integration Commissioner of NRW, the photo agency lichtbild and DOMiD.

Citizens were invited to propose places and events that belong to the province’s migration history. Examples include the Hindu temple in Hamm and notable streets, such as the “Weidengasse” in Cologne and “Untere Wernerstraße” in Solingen.

“Routes of Migration” has received praise from the Council of Europe. The Council formally recognized the online project as part of the “European Routes of the Cultural Heritage of Migration,” describing it as exemplary.”

Visit the Migrations Route website to learn more.

[Text and featured image from DOMID]

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