US border agents checking Facebook profiles, lawyer says

Should what’s on your Facebook page be a factor in determining whether you’re allowed to re-enter the United States? That’s a question to ponder in the wake of President Donald Trump’s ban on immigration that began on Friday.

Border patrol agents are checking the Facebook accounts of people who are being held in limbo for approval to enter the US, according to a Saturday tweet by immigration lawyer Mana Yegani that was spotted by The Independent.

“US border patrol is deciding re-entry for green card holders on a case by case basis — questions about political views, checking Facebook, etc,” Yegani’s tweet writes.

The ban currently applies to immigrants from seven countries, leading tech executives from almost every major company — including Apple, Google, Facebook and Netflix — to decry the move as “un-American.”

Yegani, who is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, told CNET that checking phones has been reported by other lawyers as part of the vetting process.

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